Selected Portfolio

  • Light Strike

    The storm was closing in as we weaved through the mountain pass from Taos to Santa Fe. Everywhere was dark, and becoming darker. The road settled down as we approached the lone tree and it's personal mailbox. Wiithout warning, the sky cracked open - just enough to allow the intense rays of the sun to burst through and paint the side of the tree and surrounding land in a near-blinding light. We stopped. Every branch, and every inch of the tree that was bathed in the sun's harsh glare lit up white. Moments later, it was dark again. October 6, on St Route 68 along the Rio Grande between Taos and Santa Fe, NM. © John Schiller Photography

  • Autumn Sunrise #1

    Pittsburghers love their skyline and love a good sunrise. What's better than both together? ©John Schiller Photography

  • Christmas Sunset

    Sunset fades from the shore of the Shenango Reservoir, as a lone tree welcomes the colors of Christmas Day's night. 12/25/19 ©John Schiller Photography

  • Mystic Lake Sunset

    It was a magnificent night for sunsets. I unexpectedly found this one over Mystic Lake. 11/25/19 Medford, MA ©John Schiller Photography

  • Nauset Beach, Orleans, Massachusetts

    61/365 Every image created in the surf is but a fleeting moment. Late in this fall day, the sunset joins with the surf as they slowly paint their way across the canvas of sand at Nauset Beach. Seconds later they’re gone, only to paint a new image.

  • Red Canopy

    With fall comes the arrival of so many colorful "umbrellas". Shot in Medford, MA on 10/29/19 ©John Schiller Photography

  • Red Twilight

    Past sunset, the late day sun's rays scorch the sky and reflected water. Shot at Rehobeth Beach on 9/20/19. ©John Schiller Photography

  • Solitude

    Early morning fog lifs from the Cove to reveal hidden color. Shot in Orleans, MA. ©John Schiller Photography

  • Moon Over Sippewissett

    Looking east from the Shining Sea Bikeway, the moon rises over a calm pond. Shot on 7/28/15 in Falmouth, MA. ©John Schiller Photography

  • Sippewissett Marsh Sunset

    The setting sun ignites the darkening clouds over the marsh along the Shining Sea Bikeway. Storm coming? Shot in Falmouth MA on 7/28/15. © John Schiller Photography

  • Into the Mist

    Geothermal activity abounds around the Champagne Lake in the Wai-O-Tapu area of Rotorua, New Zealand. Sulphur hangs heavy in the mist. Shot on 4/14/13 ©John Schiller Photography

  • Sand Painting 5

    Low tide around Mont Saint-Michel reveals an enormous canvas for sandpainting. Many shapes, lines and colors are exposed by the withdrawing waters. Shot at Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy France on June 3, 2010 
©John Schiller Photography

  • Back Bay Sunrise

    The sun breaks over the iconic Back Bay skyline and reaches across the cold waters of the Charles River to the waiting sailboats. Shot from Cambridge MA on November 29, 2017 ©John Schiller Photography

  • Fire in the Hole

    One of hundreds of spectacular, many-colored and many-shaped balloons reach for the skies during the week-long Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. An event not to be missed. Shot in Albuquerque, NM in October 2017. © John Schiller Photography

  • Schenley Overlook Sunset

    After a mixed day of rain and sun, two Pittsburgh residents were graced with late day sky painting from the Schenley Overlook. Shot on October 6, 2018, in Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Race Point Pink

    Up to minutes before sunset, the sky over Race Point Lighthouse was flat, gray and without contrast. Then a small window of light opened up on the edge of the horizon, and enabled the sun's rays to paint the sky crayola pink. Shot at Race Point, Cape Cod, MA on 7/30/18. ©John Schiller Photography

  • Lines and Shadows

    Fire escapes architect their own designs with lines and shadows against a Garfield neighborhood building. Shot on August 23, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA. © John Schiller Photography

  • OCC_Wood-Burning_Chrysler

    The Chrysler Royal was produced by Chrysler from 1937 to 1942 and 1946 to 1950. The Royal was the base trim Chrysler during its production. In 1939 Chrysler contracted with Hayes Bodies of Michigan to build 1,000 coupe bodies, 373 of which were Chrysler Royal Windsors. The main difference between the coupes were the changes made to the windows, making the the Royal appear 'Art Deco.' The Royal was equipped with a new design six cylinder engine that developed 95 horsepower. In the case of THIS car, it’s hard to confirm the model because it’s windows are occupied with wooden fuel – which also replaced the 6 cylinder engine with a uniquely grown 6-branch tree. Shot at Old Car City in May 2017 © John Schiller Photography

  • Ghosts of Manufacturing Past

    At one time, at the Scranton Lace Company, this room housed many Nottingham lace looms. Now its ghosts sit quietly staring out the windows into a courtyard between buildings. For more images from the Scranton Lace Company, see: Shot on November 5, 2017 © John Schiller Photography

  • Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse Sunset

    As the sun sinks below the horizon, the rocks below the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse reflect the final warmth of the day. Shot on June 21, 2017© John Schiller Photography

  • Osprey Glider

    As the osprey takes off with it's prey hanging from it's talons, it show its perfect gliding form just above the North Bay waters, off Baxter Neck. © John Schiller Photography

  • Great Sippewisett Marsh (1)

    The sunlight sprays across the grasses of the Great Sippewisett Marsh, along the Shining Sea Bikeway in North Falmouth. © John Schiller Photography

  • Hancock to Pru Sunset I

    Like so many cosmopolitan American cities, there are iconic shots that instantly let you recognize that city. Boston has many, most shot from Cambridge, across the Charles. This image, shot from a rooftop deck on lower Beacon Street, however, captures the sunset reflecting off of two of Boston's most well-known highrises - the New John Hancock at one side of Copley Square and the Prudcential Center at the far other end. Shot in Boston on June 2, 2017 © John Schiller Photography

  • Last Train to Greenville

    Train tracks weaving their way between older buildings on Main Street in Greenville PA - leading off into the sunset. #traintracks #sunset #GreenvillePA Shot on April 22, 2017 in Greenville, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Snow Wraps

    A fresh December snow wraps every branches of the trees that protect the train tracks following the Monongehela River as it heads towards Pittsburgh. On the other side of the river is the site of the forner USS Homestead Steel Works. Shot in Homestead, PA on December 14, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Beacon Street Angry Morning

    Beacon Street brownstones beneath the New England angry morning, March clouds. Shot in Boston on March 2, 2017 © John Schiller Photography

  • Yellow Dock

    The Naples Dock, bathed in the golden light past sunset, is a perfect backdrop to a few late day swimmers.

Shot in Naples FL on March 18, 2017

  • Northside Renovation

    Bottles thought to be buried in a yard from the days of Old Allegheny are lined up in one of the windows of a renovation project on the Northside of Pittsburgh. Shot on April 6, 2017 in Pittsburgh PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Rainstorm on Wanaka

    Enroute from Franz Josef to Queenstown, Route 6 runs along the eastern side of Lake Manaka. While angry clouds bring heavy rains on the western side, warm sunset awaits travelers on the far southern shore. Shot along Lake Wanaka, New Zealand on April 19, 2013 © John Schiller Photography

  • Verdant Sunset

    Winding through the switchbacks coming out of Abel Tasman, we caught the sun's late day rays heating up the green hills of New Zealand's southern island. Shot in Southern New Zealand on April 17, 2013 © John Schiller Photography

  • Pittsburgh Thunder Moon

    July is the month of the Full Buck Moon. Bucks begin to grow new antlers at this time. This Full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month. Shot in Pittsburgh, PA on July 19, 2016 ©John Schiller Photography

  • Sonoran Cholla Sunset I

    The Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus glows brightly as the final rays of the sun spread over the Sonaran Desert. Shot on January 28, 2017 in North Phoenix, AS © John Schiller Photography

  • Smokey Sunset

    As the late-day clouds moved across the desert northwest of Phoenix, a burst of sun painted the trailer park near the Pleasant Valley Airport. Rising over the park, the smokey-looking clouds caught the setting sun's golden rays . As if not enough, a small rainbow reached from the low-hanging clouds to the ground. Shot on January 24, 2016 near Phoenix, AZ. © John Schiller Photography

  • Sunset Carlsbad

    After a turbulent few weeks of heavy rains and high waves, the water settles down and washes calmly over the Carlsbad beach rocks. And you can't beat the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

Shot on January 21, 2017 in Carlsbad California

© John Schiller Photography

  • State Street Color

    In the Old Town section of Marblehead, houses along State Street shine with a rainbow of colors. Natives refer to that area of Marblehead as “Downtown”. “Old Town” is a term mostly used by real estate brokers to describe the larger area of town built-up before the Civil War. State St. is one of several streets that benefited from a big project to bury the electric and telephone wires. The downhill end of State St. meets Front St. at the Town Landing. There is a drain which runs under State St. to the harbor; it runs in an easement to the Town granted by one Elbridge Gerry, who was a local bigwig and politician, present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence (but refused to do so himself), and was also, a Governor of Massachusetts. Gerry was the 5th Vice President, serving under James Madison, and most notably was responsible for the term "gerrymandering"! Shot on April 21, 2016, Marblehead, MA © John Schiller Photography

  • Sunset Cancun

    The afternoon Caribbean sun bathes the gazebo and dock, as the eastern horizon reflects last rays of the setting sun. Shot on December 1, 2016, from the beach of Riviera Maya, near Cancun Mexico © John Schiller Photography

  • Winding Route 381

    Fall color swallows up Route 381 as it winds through the forest leading to Fallingwater. Shot on November 1, 2016 near Mill Run, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Sunset over Duck Hollow

    Late fall colors edge the Monongahela River and shelter the train tracks hidden in Duck Hollow (just below Squirrel Hill). Overhead, the sun sets above the Mon, and paints the clouds a pale pink, as the evening readies a moonrise on the first day of the SuperMoon. Shot on November 14, 2016 In Homestead, PA.
(c) John Schiller Photography

  • Gulf Tower Blazing

    This night's summer sunset perfectly frames the Gulf Tower., and sillouttes the rest of Pittsburgh's downtown.

Shot on July 11, 2016, in Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Railin' It In

    During the heyday of the steel industry, Pittsburgh was among the largest rail centers not only in the nation, but the world. For many years, the multiple rail crossings in the suburb of Port Perry at the mouth of Turtle Creek on the Monongahela River and adjacent to the Edgar Thomson Works and Duquesne mills, was the highest concentration of freight traffic in the world. Even today, with river traffic included, Port Perry is often very near or at the top of the list. The Conway Yard to the west of the city along the Ohio River was the largest rail yard in the world from 1956 until 1980. From the beginning of the industrial era in America through its collapse in the 1980s, Pittsburgh was a key market for the nation's largest and most important railroads (most notably the Pennsylvania Railroad [the largest company in the world for much of the 20th century], and the New York Central Railroad [via the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie], Baltimore & Ohio and Pittsburgh & West Virginia). Despite the near-complete collapse of heavy industry in the Northeast, Pittsburgh remains an extremely important link in the nation's rail network, perhaps only second to Chicago. And today more than 100 trains a day pass through Pittsburgh. (Wikipedia)

Shot on April 12, 2016, from the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Morning Has Broken...

    With the prospect of a warm winter's morning in the middle of February, it was easy to get up before sunrise and head to Mt Washington. However, i was surprised at how windy it was.

Shot on Feb 20, 2015, at Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Sixth Street Bridge and Skyline

    View of the Sixth Street Bridge and a chunk of Pittsburgh's skyline - all from PNC Park. Shot on April 14, 2016, Downtown Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Warm Strawberry Night

    As Spring gives way to Summer, the late-night Pittsburgh skyline gives off a warm glow reflecting the light of the unseen Strawberry Moon.

Shot on June 20, 2016, in Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Once There Were Sheep

    A late winter snowstorm gently covers the barn the once held sheep and goats. Shot on March 21, 2016 in Wayland, MA © John Schiller Photography

  • Homestead in the Late Afternoon Sun

    Homestead PA is just across the Monongahela River from Pittburgh. Like so many former mill towns that hug the rivers around Pittsburgh, Homestead is home to many eastern European churches. St. Gregory Russian Orthodox Church can be seen in the upper left of the picture, and St Mary Magdalene's Church is a few streets below it. 
Shot on March 14, 2016 In Pittsburgh, PA. 
(c) John Schiller Photography

  • Carrie Furnace Blowing Engine House - Image 1

    "This was originally the Blowing Engine House, where massive fans would push air into huge pipes in order to deliver it to the stoves where it was then heated to high temperatures before being routed to the furnace itself. ... The logo on the wall is that of the steel industry and ultimately became used as the emblem for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team." Text from Howard Grill Photography

  • Bugsy

    One of many life forms created out of glass. Displayed as part of the "Lifeforms" exhibit at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Shot on February 2, 2016, Pittsburgh, PA © John Schiller Photography

  • Hulton Bridge Bye Bye

    In a series of images, I captured the demise of the Hulton Bridge, formerly spanning the Allegheny River. This shot single caught the bridge just as it hit the water below. Shot on Jan 26, 2016, Fox Chapel, PA © John Schiller Photography