I love the melding of art and science – for me that’s today’s photography. While I’ve been photographing for more than 50 years, no period in time has had more opportunity, nor been more interesting, exciting, and challenging for my art. I’m attracted to rich color, strong lines, and image simplicity. At the same time, my interests range from travel and documentary photography to abandoned places, landscapes and water images, and, of course, people close to me.

Besides my travels throughout the US and some international spots, I spend a lot of time capturing my city – Pittsburgh – recently named one of the top 20 best destinations in the world! It’s rich in its industrial history and on-going transformation to a leading technology and medical center. While the vistas are stunning, the 3 rivers, 446 bridges, and more than 90 local neighborhoods all bring their own flavor to this city. All of this makes Pittsburgh especially photographically interesting and an provides me the opportunity to add my own interpretation. And if I’m not shooting here, then it’s often Boston and Cape Cod, or roaming around the US.

As a photographer, I am constantly learning – on both the art and the science side. HDR (high dynamic range) photography is a great example of a technology that lets me extend the range of an image, whether for greater accuracy or for artistic interest or image interpretation. I shoot what I see. Every picture, tells a story. Most of the time, the image is interesting by itself. Sometimes its simply part of a larger story – connecting one part to another.

Please enjoy my work, and feel free to share your thoughts. Your feedback is much appreciated.

John Schiller

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