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State Street Color

In the Old Town section of Marblehead, houses along State Street shine with a rainbow of colors. Natives refer to that area of Marblehead as “Downtown”. “Old Town” is a term mostly used by real estate brokers to describe the larger area of town built-up before the Civil War.

State St. is one of several streets that benefited from a big project to bury the electric and telephone wires. The downhill end of State St. meets Front St. at the Town Landing.

There is a drain which runs under State St. to the harbor; it runs in an easement to the Town granted by one Elbridge Gerry, who was a local bigwig and politician, present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence (but refused to do so himself), and was also, a Governor of Massachusetts. Gerry was the 5th Vice President, serving under James Madison, and most natabley was responsible for the term "gerrymandering"!

Shot on April 21, 2016, Marblehead, MA
© John Schiller Photography