In October 2015, we set out on a 17 day car trip throughout the Southeast - primarily on a Civil Rights and Photo Tour.  Click on each map on the right to see the trip.  The opportunity to explore the Civil Rights struggle, primarily during the period of the '50's and '60's - and learn of the many people whose names we know, and far more names we don't know - was powerful, moving and education.   At times we felt like Johnny Cash - "I've been everywhere, man".  We've been to Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Jackson, Natchez, New Orleans, Mobile, Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Atlanta, Greensboro, Durham, Washington DC - and back to Pittsburgh.  17 days, through 19 states, and 3300 miles.  

We met and talked with so many nice people along the way - enthusiastic to share their knowledge of the Civil Rights story, or their part of the South.  We visited key historic sites, explored museums and walked in the footsteps of those who led the struggle  - whether for equal rights for voting, education, transportation,  or simply living day to day.  

And we truly experienced "southern hospitality", and fabulous food at every stop.  We walked back streets and main streets, crossed bridges and  rivers, rode bikes and ferris wheels.  And as we ate up the miles, we captured what we saw and experienced along the way through thousands of pictures - whittled down for your enjoyment .   

Each gallery below is a different day.   It will likely take us a while to work through all the pictures, select the ones to share and edit for each day  So check back every now and again, as we build out this photo journal.  

And feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this page! 


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